Association Management



CKT  is a licensed community association management firm, and all of our  executives and association management employees are also licensed.  Our  attention to detail, management expertise, and focus on customer service  are greatly appreciated by our clients, and CKT insures that  associations and owners are provided with exceptional customer service to enhance their community lifestyle.

CKT performs all requirements for managing the association itself,  including working with the board with respect to all required notices, meetings, compliance with the governing documents and applicable Florida  Statutes, record keeping, accounting functions, estoppels,  questionnaires, assessment and fee collections, and required  correspondence.  Detailed budgets for operations and reserves are  prepared, which can be customized to each association's individual  preferences.  Monthly  reports are provided containing current financials, budget variance  reports, bank account reconciliations, and updates on any outstanding  issues and upcoming events or deadlines related to the association.  Assessment collections and association rules and regulations are closely monitored and enforced, and all appropriate actions are taken on behalf of the board to insure the community is run smoothly and efficiently.

CKT  does not charge unexpected hidden fees or cost markups to its association clients,  and does not receive fees or other incentives from  any service providers recommended to the association.  CKT executives  remain accessible at all times to address and solve any issues that may  arise. 


CKT brings  extensive property management experience to the associations it manages.  Frequent  inspections of the community and the association's property are performed by CKT's knowledgeable staff.  Maintenance procedures for each  aspect of the association's property are recommended and established, and each task is diligently performed and supervised.  Service  providers, suppliers and contractors, when needed, are subjected to a  strict bidding process, and local market experience allows CKT to access  the most capable and quality-conscious vendors while achieving competitive prices.