About Us

CKT  Asset Management Company, formed in 1996, specializes in all facets of  rental apartment property management and leasing, condominium and  homeowners association management, golf course management, and mobile  home park management.  The team at CKT combines extensive experience  from management, development, financing, marketing, construction, acquisition and disposition of communities and assets throughout the  state of Florida, as well as Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, to offer an unusually broad range of knowledge and background utilized in the operation of the assets managed.  CKT has also successfully repositioned and renovated apartment  communities and golf courses.  In addition, CKT provides receivership  management services for both apartment communities and golf courses.

Cindy Taylor is the President and founder of CKT Asset Management  Company.  Ms. Taylor has been involved in the management and development of real estate since 1983, and has both managed and developed thousands of multi-family units, as well as managed condominium associations, golf courses and mobile home parks.  Ms. Taylor received a Bachelor of  Arts degree from Vanderbilt University, and holds a Community  Association Management (C.A.M.) license for the State of Florida.

Yvette Maughan is the Director of Management Services for CKT.   Ms. Maughan has been managing rental apartments since 1988, with a particular specialty in leasing up new apartment communities.  She also manages condominium and homeowners associations. Ms. Maughan received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Southern University, and holds a C.A.M. license for the State of Florida.

The onsite management staffs for CKT are experienced and well-trained.  Customer service and value enhancement are the top priorities for all  CKT employees and executives, both for our residents and the owners for whom we manage assets and associations.